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How to choose your vaping kit and switch from smoking to vaping?

There are tons of things to think about when it comes to choosing your vaper. In order to help you with your choice, we thought to enlist a few points and our suggestion to these points therefore you can use them as a sort of a guide, when you feel it’s time to experiment with vaping.

1. Are you a smoker who want to switch to vaping?

Smokers who want to switch habits are the ones who fall in the habit of quickly over-committing on vaping, then leaving it as it is within a few weeks’ time. The reasons for this are many: over-commitment, wanting to switch too fast and paying too much money for a complicated device they cannot use properly. We suggest you to go slowly and start with a simple and small vaping device which is cheap, yet easy to use, easy to refill, recharge and has an optimal performance. This way you won’t get discouraged and can have vaping as an alternate in the first months before deciding on leaving smoking for vaping.

2. Are you a newbie who never smoked before?

Even if you are someone who wants to try vaping, for the sake of this habit only, we suggest you to start small and concentrate on a device which is great for experimenting, not expensive and can be easily refilled, cleaned and handled. The ease of use is one of the factors which have a key importance in choosing a vaporizer. The professional devices can be easily discouraging for many, except for those who are technology geeks and love to fix things or look into things.

3. Are you a social vaper?

If you are someone who want to vape the same way many people smoke and vape in company, then you definitely need something small and easy to carry-round. There are small vaporizers available on the market which have their own little holder to store it and this way you can easily carry it around together with its charger. Although it’s not as fast as smoking, it’s the best choice for social vapers.

4. Do you want to concentrate on the flavours or on the performance?

Smaller vaping pens are easy to handle and to refill and clean but they are naturally lower in performance, mostly because they are small. When we talk about more expensive AVPs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) then we mean their performance to make smoke and the level setting options, which are in-built in the more complicated devices where users can manage their own nicotine levels too. However if you are a newbie, don’t let all these confuse you. Choose a good standard vaping pen which is easy to use and not expensive and this way you have a vaper you can use anytime. You can still switch to a larger device if you feel that you are ready to commit to vaping.
We hope this article was helpful for you to see what you can decide on when choosing a vaping pen.

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