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Vaping FAQ: some of the most common questions answered about vaping.

This time around we thought to teach you more about the habit of vaping through some of the most common questions which are being asked by those who don’t vape at all. We hope this helps you learn more about vaping or try it yourself someday.

Question nr. 1: is vaping solely done by those who quit smoking?

The answer is no. There are many vaping kits who never tried smoking or never smoked regularly. The fact the two habits are so similar often makes this mis understandable. While the first vaping kits were created for those who want to switch smoking to a healthier alternative, today, with the banning of cigarettes in many countries, vaporizers are way easier to get than cigarettes.

Question nr. 2: is vaping harmful?

Vaping is all about the quality of the e-liquid because this is the material which vaporises and gets transformed into a smoke-like vapor, that’s very similar to steam in its qualities. While the regular e-liquid is partly glycerin ( made out of vegetable oil extract) partly propylene glycol which is used to treat asthmatic illnesses and none of these ingredients have harmful qualities. Then, several e-liquid do have a specific nicotine content, but this is added pharmaceutical nicotine which means that it’s way less harmful then the one contained by the tobacco leaves. Additional flavors and tastes may mean a couple of more ingredients but the amount of these is very minimal and normally can have no harmful effect on anyone. These normal ingredients mentioned above were never proved to be harmful to our health, yet we wouldn’t suggest overusing them either.

>Question nr 3: is it true that we are still not totally sure if vaping is harmful or not?

This argument largely stems from all the talk between people who have never tried or learned about vaping. In fact certified e-liquid makers and vaporizers can never be harmful for your health, if you use them with sense of course. Luckily the last ingredient related fiasco is rather related to e-cigarettes and not the vaping kits. Since that happening, authorities have stricter rules with respect to vaping products, which means you are safe if you buy from a licensed vaping store.

Question Nr. 4: is it easier to quit smoking if I vape instead?

This largely depends on someone’s personality. While some smoke for the love of inhaling and exhaling smoke others need a daily intake of nicotine. These kits can provide with both, but vaping will never become exactly like smoking. While some people are happy to switch and can bear the differences, others may find vaping strange and rather go for the cold turkey quitting. Try vaping and make the comparisons on your own terms, then see if vaping can in fact help you in quitting.

Question Nr 5: Can I really save money with vaping?

This also depends on how often you are to use your kit. Most smaller devices work properly for approximately 3-4 months steadily before their vaporizer needs to get changed. Your spending also depends on how much you want to experiment with flavors and how often you plan on vaping. As a general value we can say that vaping pays off, especially in the long term.

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