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Can vaping pose a risk to our health?

We all know that vaping provides a better alternative to smoking and we also know that this habit can really help people to kick their smoking habit. But can vaping be also harmful for us?

We live in the age of health consciousness. This means the consuming of bio products, going vegetarian or become a vegan altogether and trying to grow our own vegetables at home. But what many of us forget is, that overconsuming is never a good thing. And people tend to overconsume all things which are deemed to be healthy. This is what happens when it comes to fruits, vegetables, vitamins. And we fail to read and investigate more about some of the bad effects which can in fact be results of overconsuming a specific vitamin. The conclusion of all this is simple. Overusing or overconsuming anything is dangerous to our health. With all this in mind, let’s discuss the issue with vaping.

There are several myths and misconceptions on the subject of vaping, simply because it’s a relatively young habit and simply because when you vape, you look like someone who is smoking. This is what makes several anti-smoking groups to panic and start questioning the legitimacy of vaping in all.

However, if you keep a close eye on all the news floating around on the internet, you will eventually get to see and learn that there are several studies: both ongoing and already performed, which are looking into all the effects vaping and inhaling the vapour can possibly have on us. And the results are pretty surprising, as they clearly state, that when used normally vaping has no toxic effects on the human body. One of the latest studies which was conducted in the United Kingdom on vaping and on the usage of e-cigarettes clearly states that vaping or using e-cigarettes is around 95% less harmful on people than smoking. This is quite a persuasive number which may make anyone start thinking and seriously considering the switch to vaping, in case they are smokers themselves.

The issue with vaping rather lies in the power of all the anti –smoking (and anti-vaping) groups which continuously lobby against vaping. Therefore they won’t put an emphasis on the positive things written or proved about vaping, but rather try picking on the few negatives, even if they have to go back ten years to find such information.

Before you may think, that we are lobbying for vaping and try to prove how healthy it is, let’s state the following clearly: vaping is not healthy. But at least it hasn’t been proved to be harmful and it’s confirmed to be way better than smoking on any and every level. Therefore, if you would like to quit smoking someday, try using a vaper and try to see the beauty of this new habit, without non-stop wanting to compare it to smoking (another bad effect of being a smoker). And this way, vaping can really help you quit smoking.

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