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To advanced vaping: all about vaping pens, mods and e-cigs

If you vape for a while now, you may have arrived in the phase of your life to totally quit smoking in favor of vaping and therefore you would like to concentrate on getting a device that’s more high performance than a vaping pen. That’s exactly what the mods are for and while these are more complex open-system devices which advanced users love to further hack and develop, you can easily get one of these even if you don’t want to hack them. Let’s see what sort of mods are the most popular on the market today and how they differ exactly.

First of all, when it comes to a mod, let’s forget about the „Look like a cigarette” stuff altogether. Mods are really not about being similar to e-cigs or real cigs. They are machines on their own right. Let’s see how to mods and vaping pens differ.

It’s generally said that you ought to try vaping in little, starting with e-cigarettes or as they are also called e-cig-alikes ( these are the rechargable ones) because these are disposable, cheap and these require the least of maintenance out of the 3 types.

If you are more in vaping and you feel that you are ready commit and get a machine that can do more for you than an e-cig, plus you want to experiment with the flavor and performance options, then the next step up is the vape pen, which looks like an XXL sized pen. These come with an atomizer which heats the e-liquid in order to vaporize it. This device needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained, as well as the atomizer that needs to be changed once every few month, depending on the frequency of usage. Vape pens are used manually which means you ought to push down a button to activate it. Some vape pens are sold with high performance, looking like a mod while they are still not. Some stores also differentiate vaping pens and sell the easy-to-use ones simply called a vape starter kit and calling the little more complicated ones vaping pens.

When you have been vaping for a while and you are also a tech geek, then we may suggest you to go a step further and get a mod. These machines are open system devices which were specifically made for those who want a much higher performance, have specific preferences on dosing, automatation, flavoring, content and all these together. Mods are also referred to as AVPs or Advanced Personal Vaporizers although these used to be two different things. Mods are only good for those who are ready to take their devices into parts, clean and maintain these on a regular level. It’s no wonder there are whole mod communities which specifically deal with discussing all the modifications, hacks and other methods how one can make their mod work even better.

Vaping stores sell you all sorts of vaping devices however if you are advanced or not, only get into buying a mod if you do have an electrician background or know someone who can help you from the get go.

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