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5 interesting and outrageous myths and misconceptions about vaping

1. Vaping is not restricted for kids

Even back in the old days, vaping stores turned down teenage buyers under 20 or 25 years from buying and sort of vaping products and the warning which is very similar to what is featured on cigarettes is also featured on all sorts of vaping products. Yet there are some groups who share the belief that vapers secretly want to make teenagers or under aged people vape and through vaping they will eventually start smoking too. To counter this false argument let’s also underline the fact that vaping and smoking is both prohibited in most public places. All in all today the same rules apply for vaping then they do for smoking. Therefore this argument is absolutely false.

2. E-liquids have to contain nicotine

Although there are e-liquids which contain nicotine, in which case it’s strictly pure pharmaceutical nicotine which makes it only half as toxic as when it’s smoked in cigarettes, nicotine is not a compulsory component of any e-liquid, on the contrary, most e-liquids don’t even contain nicotine, because it turns the otherwise pleasant flavours bad. That’s why if you look around in any vaping store or tobacco store which sells e-liquids, you will see that most of them have zero nicotine content. This is another common misconception, very similar to the one according to which smoking can be quitted with the sheer use of nicotine capsules.

3. There is not enough research on the exact contents of e-liquids

Contrary to the fact that there are several researches which have been previously conducted on e-liquids and discuss the possible harmful effects of these, there are in fact multiple studies which prove that e-liquids are not harmful to be used normally and regularly.

4. Vaping doesn’t help quitting smoking

Above said studies also state that vaping pens are in fact proved to be healthy alternatives to smoking and that they can in fact effectively help smokers to quit smoking. There are still several groups who bring up the said argument but in real this is just a sign of not enough research conducted on the topic on their own behalf.

5. Second-hand vaping is as dangerous as second-hand smoking

We could also mention studies which also prove that the second-hand inhalation of the vapour has no toxic or bad effects on others’ health either yet there are still groups which come with the said argument, thanks to whom vaping is now forbidden in public places, despite the vapour proved to be totally harmless when breathed in by a second party.

We hope that we can help with the debunking of all these misconceptions with time and vaping will be more accepted as the current best alternative for all the smokers who want to quit.

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